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Customer success stories

“I was knitting and sewing for my pleasure but one day I started talking about it to my friends and colleagues. Step by step, orders were coming in and I needed to show my creations, I also created my brand: Filakia! A website was needed :) A week later, Promesse Tenue built my first website to showcase my creation. Can't wait to go into ecommerce with them! "

Fanny G.

Founder of Filakia Créations.

“I needed a website to look for clients and I didn't know where to start. By contacting Promesse Tenue, I was able to give my project to someone else and not waste time. A week later, I was prospecting, armed with a new website. ”

Jonathan T.

Founder of Trendonomica

“My Instagram account started to take off and I needed more space to write. Promesse Tenue allowed me to launch a website at a low cost and without any skills. I highly recommend them. "

Christine R.

Instagram Influencer

of Mini Minimaliste

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